Saturday 30 July 2011

Silhouettes of greatness

The high mountain plateau of Dovrefjell is almost like a national monument in Norway, and even though being an introduced species, the musk ox somehowe fits into this mystical world of greatness. Despite being very easy to approach, I found them extremely difficult to photograph in an interesting way. We anyway had a nice time up there, and these are actually my very first images of these animals. At least I added a new species to my archive.

I am sucker for silhouettes, as I think they add a nice atmosphere to the images. An atmosphere which I tried fit into the Norwegian myths and fairytales about this area.

Solarizing the image in the editing process, can sometimes make them look more dramatic and fit better into the story.

Our kingdom....

Til Dovre faller!

- EG -


  1. Se der ja! Flotte bilder, inført eller ei! Favorittene blir nr 2 og nr 4. Det siste er også veldig kult.

    mvh Espen

  2. beautiful photo,and beautiful blog, congratulations! From Romania Sebi