Wednesday 12 June 2013

The show is over

Summer has finally arrived, and as always here up north, it has been a very hectic spring. Especially so for the frogs at the lake in my local forest - one of the biggest dramas that take place in Norwegian nature each year. For only a few days each year, they gather to fight for the future existence of their genes. If you take your time, it is a true spectacle to watch. If you dont mind getting wet, it is very nice to photograph them as well.

- EG -


  1. Mitt absolutte favorittdyr/motiv (men dessverre er spillet over i løpet av 1-2 dager her i Troms..). Spennende bilder i et selvvalgt vanskligt lys - likte serien godt.

  2. Spennende bilder fra Froskedammen dette...