Friday 27 December 2013

Big Year Norway 2014!

Soon, it's kick off time! The last years I have been so absorbed in my photography, that I almost lost touch of the birder in me. In 2014, this will all change.

I decided to do a BIG YEAR. That means trying to see as many bird species as possible within one year in Norway. It has never been done (officially at least) in Norway before. For one year, I will travel here and there to all the far flung corners of this beautiful country to attempt to see every species - breeding or not - that decide to pay Norway a visit. Within ethical limits, I will also try to document as many of the species as possible with my camera. My goal for the year is 320 species, a number higher than anyone ever before has managed to reach, but to manage that I need more than hard effort. As there are "only" about 242 regular breeding bird species in Norway, I need also to have a bit of luck with the different rarities that might turn up. The area covered in this project is Norway and Svalbard.

Through Big Year Norway 2014, I also try to raise some money - not for myself, but to facilitate birding in a suitable locality somewhere in Norway. This will hopefully include boardwalks, bird hides and whatever the locality needs to make birds available to people and at the same time not disturbing the birds. The idea is to increase the birding interest amongst the public in that area, and through that making more people want to protect our birds. As I have been out in the field, with almost no time in front of computers or within phone reach since early May, I must admit that the planning of Big Year Norway 2014 has suffered a tiny bit. So if you reading this works in a company that might be willing to contribute, or you know someone that does, please don't hesitate to contact me. The money raised will not go to sponsor any of my birding trips - but everything will go into making a nice birding locality for the public. Since I am little behind with the planning, there are still some details left to settle on the exact choice of birding area.

There are already a few collaboration partners in Big Year Norway 2014 - but there are still room for more! Don't hesitate to contact if you want to contribute to this bird saving project!

Updates on Big Year Norway 2014 will happen on a regular basis on this blog and in other media, so be sure to visit often.

This will be an interesting year - full of birds and stories. Kick off time is 1st of January 2014!

This buff-bellied pipit I found in Svalbard in June 2011. It was only the 4th for
 Norway, and the first one to be seen in breeding plumage. Will this species
be included in my Big Year?



  1. Ajaj! Masse lykke til og god tur :) Anbefaler deg å ta en tur innom Andøya!


  2. Hi Eirik! Wow, 2014 is going to be an exciting year for you indeed! I wish you all the best in reaching your 'targets' for your Big Year! Will be watching your progress with interest. Best wishes and good luck! Eric.

  3. Thanks guys! Who knows if I end up at Andøya at some point. I will go wherever the birds go, so the itinerary is quite open at the moment. Only one more day now!