Wednesday 2 April 2014

Nature is the greatest artist

As a photographer I often try to make my pictures something special - something close to art. However, sometimes, it is just to point the camrea and shoot. Welcome to the world of the mandarin duck (mandarinand). Big year tick # 149.

A mallard (stokkand) can sometimes look nice as well

Mandarin duck originates from East Asia, where they are freshwater birds often hanging out in big rivers or shallow lakes. They breed in hollow trees. Appearantly, in Korean culture they represent peace. I like that.

The birds seen in Europe originates either directly or indirectly from captivity as this species understandably is popular amongst bird collecters and as park ornaments. A relatively small population is breeding in Southern England and that originates from escaped birds from captiviy. These two males turned up in the river next to my garden.

New species: 1
Total: 149


  1. Så flotte bilder av Mandarinanda.
    Fekk oppleve dei i dag eg også.

  2. Takk for det Henny. Ja de absolutt fine å se på. Er vel en grunn for at de er såpass populær i andesamlinger og som parkpryd rundt om ;)


  3. Thanks Sarah! Indeed goodlooking birds - probably the reason why they are so popular amongst bird collectors and as park ornaments ;)

    This year is more about birding than photography for me, but it was nice to get some time to photograph these guys.


  4. These are magic.
    Superb images.