Thursday 17 April 2014

Photo competitions

Travelling around Norway, trying to spot as many birds as possible for my Big Year project is fun and exciting. It also means, as it shows on this blog, that I spend less time trying to take pictures. After all I am a wildlife photographer, and this is what I make most of my money from during a year. I therefore just wanted to share the good news I received the other day that my images had reached the finals in two of the world's most prestigeous nature photo contests. I don't participate in many contest through a year, but GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the year and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year are two that I try to enter. Both these competitions receive tens of thousands of entries each year. I have been successful in both of these on earlier occasions, and now I have 11 images (of 20 in total) in each of these highly ranked competitions through to the finals. Nothing is decided yet, but fingers are crossed that one of these images will make it all the way through and be awarded. 

Wish you all good light



  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

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  3. First of all congratulations for participating in two competitions named GDT European Wildlife Photographer and BBC Wildlife Photographer. I've seen image library of your website and it's just amazing. May I see other images from this category?