Sunday 30 May 2010

A close to death experience and then some orca action

The last week, I went to a remote island together with my good friend and colleague Kjetil, his son and his father in law. We hoped to do some seabird photography, but out at the island Halten the weather was to be modest – not the best. There is a good sized colony of shag at the island, and this is actually the first time I try to photograph this bird. To be honest, I found it quite difficult. The birds actually carry a fantastically colourful plumage, but with heavy white clouds and in pouring rain its difficult to make the right exposure to give them justice.

I like to think of myself as quite used to live at remote places now and then, but I guess that the lighthouse master at this lighthouse was quite glad that Norway decided to automatize all lighthouses some years ago....

You never know when you will be eaten........

A group of shags posing for the cameraman

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Here I am

Here I am, my very first blog. I don't know if it was the famous sheep herd, the urge to try something new, the exhibitionist in me or just plain lack of computer skills that drove me to make this blog. I allready have a web site, but for different reasons it's not up to date at the moment. I will still continue to have my website, but on this blog I will try to put more emphasis on the written part and maybe go a bit more personal regarding nature related thoughts, joys, and frustrations.

I do have a goal to update this weekly when its possible. Because I am often out and about and a long way from internet and phone connections (yes - its still possible to do this in 2010), I know my weekly blog schedule will be broken every now and then but I promise to do the best I can for this blog to be alive. If you ever for some strange reason wonder about becoming a fieldbiologist/nature photographer like me - my goal is to a certain extent give you an idea of my where- and whatabouts through this blog.

Yes, I will be writing in English. I myself, is Norwegian, so please disregard the misspellings, wrong grammar etc. If you feel offended by anything of what I am writing - please feel free to be so - it was probably my intention :-)

Tomorrow I am off for a few days on a nice boat trip in the local fjord where I live, and hopefully do some seabird photography - If I succeed? Pop by this blog in a week or so from now, and find out by yourself!

Feel free to follow this blog, and you might be as surprised of what you see as these snow monkeys I met in Japan earlier this winter.

- EG -