Saturday 16 April 2011

Varanger duck

A few weeks ago, I was in the Varanger fjord in the very north eastern Norway to photograph one of Scandinavia's most beautiful birds. Combining this with visiting a good friend had to make the perfect setting for a good trip. I enjoyed it very much. Because the birds weren't too cooperative to be honest, close up portraits was not possible and I was forced to think a bit alternatively. The type of images below always receives somewhat mixed applaude. While they might not show the beauty regarding the colours of these ducks very well, they are however (hopefully) interesting in its own way.


Sunday 3 April 2011

From the African veld

In January, I spent a week in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Here are a few images from that week.

Elephants are plentiful in Kruger NP - in fact, contrary to many believes, there are far too many of them to form a sustainable ecosystem in the 20 000 km2 park and a certain number of elephants needs to be shot each year to keep the population healthy. I find photographing the larger game in Africa to be one of the most difficult things to make interesting. As usual it all depends on light and composition.

A mother shows her strong maternal instinct when she carries her dead offspring at the same time as she struggles to keep up with the rest of her flock. Do animals really have no feelings?

African wilddogs belongs to one of the rarest animals on this planet. Even in Kruger NP, you are by no means guaranteed a sighting during a visit. The territory size of a pack is equivalent in size to that of Scandinavian wolves - about 1500 square kilometers. While I have kept the original composition of the animals in this image, I made the background all white in post editing process.