Sunday 31 March 2013

The Pack

February and March has been again quite busy with a photo assigment in Northern Norway, a trip to the great rain forests in Thailand and a lot of office work that need to be finnished before an other hectic but exciting field season kicks off. It is very nice to again spend a lot of time outdoor doing photography, as this winter has been very slow and way too much time spendt inside pushing those unexciting computer buttons.

I love silhouettes, and I love dogs! I have had a dog in my life most of the time, but the last years I have had no time because of all the time I spend out at sea. It is certainly something I miss having around, and I do miss the great company while out doing photography and on my many trips here and there. I was therefore super excited when my friend Emilie said yes to me for using her sled dog pack of ten Alaskan huskeys as models for an upcomming article I am working on. As always, I thought it would be easy as I was going to work with tame animals for a change. But of course I was wrong once again.  Photography is never easy, and certainly not when you work with animals. Working with tame animals, only means you are raising the bar for whats a keeper and even more images than usual end up in the trash bin. 

I anyway enjoyed my time out with the dogs very much, and even though this was in fact my first dog sled trip - it will certainly not be my last. Thanks Emilie - Great dogs and great fun! 

Introducing the pack of happy dogs!

It was great to see how the dogs and the musher are working together as a team,

Taking a rest, and steam raise up in the cold winter air. 

Like a pack of wolves, the shadows move through the forest.

Pack leader.

Some of these images are not perfect technically, as they mostly are shot on 1600 and 3200 iso -  something which I think actually is above the limit for what the canon 7d can take. But to be honest - I think the harshness created partly because of technical limitations in some instances can improve the atmosphere in the images. 


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